Trenches: Stories from Gangrene Alley is a comic that humorously records the everyday routine of the soldiers in Gangrene alley, a French trench on the Western Front of the Great War. The comic is based on many actual facts regarding the Great War, and the comic-strips are accompanied by several pages of relevant trivia, to commemorate the centenary anniversary of the start of the First World War. In June 2014, parts of the comic were exposed in the National Library of Greece as part of the Europeana 1914-1918 program.

The comic was published on a regular basis from November 2010 till October 2011, in the Greek newspaper Eleftherotipia. It kept being published online through the website, from December 2012 until its completion in August 2013. A final, two-colored version was published in Greece by Jemma Press in May 2014.

Trenches got an honorable mention in the international comics competition ‘CONFLICTS War Balloons’ of the “LA STORIA IN PIAZZA” Exhibition, which took place on April 14-17, 2011 in Genoa, Italy. It also won the 2nd prize of Best Script in the ‘Balkan Festival for Young Comic Strip Authors’ which took place on June 26-29, 2011 in Leskovac, Serbia. Finally, it won the Best Cover and Best Artist prizes in the Greek Comic Awards 2015.

Writer | Tasos Zafeiriadis
Artist | Petros Christoulias