Koulouri is a comics magazine, small in size, simple, funny, and with a good measure of absurdity dipped in illustrator and cartoonist Tomek Giovanis’ own reality. “The idea came to me in 2010, whilst looking for a platform, on which I could continue publishing my own comics, as I had already stopped self-publishing HEHE!, where some of Koulouri stories were first presented. Whilst trying to come up with a title for the series, I was wondering what the most irrelevant thing that one could ask for in a bookstore would be. Like the whole concept, the answer to the question was equally simple… a koulouri! (Koulouri is a sesame-encrusted bread ring, a very delicious, cheap, and thus popular snack in Greece). Though it will hold back your hunger you would happily eat another one.”

The first issue began with three separate sections:
– The “Face”. The daily adventures, arguments and bickering of a face’s sensory organs under the brain’s directions.
– “Mózg” (brain in Polish). A TV show, during which its strange and naïve host introduces us to the language of comics in his own surrealistic way.
– “The Most Stupid Hits In My Life Ever”. One-page autobio stories describing Tomek Giovanis’ most characteristic accidents.

Through experimentations, as well as with the addition of new characters, Koulouri continues to evolve and has finally found a main axis upon which it develops. Six issues have already been published and a seventh surprise-issue is on its way (all by Jemma Press editions). In 2012 Koulouri won the best cover illustration award at the EBGE awards, held in Athens.