Constantine Lianos’ work is mainly painting, with aesthetic influences that range from street art and comics, to the study of classical and contemporary visual arts movements. As he states: “Formulating an opinion on the long-standing problematics of contemporary painting is not a goal in itself. Rather, my work is trying to follow the long tradition of figurative painting. My paintings don’t represent reality in any way – neither pure nor distorted. Through them, I am directing some of my reflections, concrete or abstract, creating allegorical images.

My main tool in this process, is the sheer freedom that painting from memory offers. In the core of my thoughts and reflections, lie the internal mechanisms of the human being, the process of self-determination and the paradox of life, that consists of being on the verge of seemingly bipolar mental states, such as illusion and reality, the earthly and the unearthly, the known and the undefined. The painting process is for me the ultimate introspection process, where the rational and the emotional are inseparable, where the method meets the random.

Currently, the symbolist narrative I have developed so far in my work, is entering a melting point, where many of its elements are deconstructed and others are reconstructed, in the restless and ecstatic vortex of my personal evolution. In the midst of it, an internal negotiation is emerging cultivated, where constant deterritorialization (and reterritirialization) takes an increasingly stronger hold as a statement.”