Catalyst roasters is a speciality coffee shop. Located in central London, Catalyst offers its own coffee blend roasted on its basement, together with a Global – Mediterranean based cuisine for breakfast, branch, lunch and dinner, and a selection of quality draft beer. […]

Fishbone is a carpet made of wool & wood by 157+173 designers. It is the first prototype of the project called Wool(d)en carpets, which are designed with the use of wool and wood and inspired by familiar floor patterns. […]

Rooms 301-307 in “Ekies All Senses Resort” in Vourvourou, Chalkidiki, is a group of minimal rooms, with intense use of white-colored surfaces, which makes them very bright and impressive, creating at the same time a cool and refreshing feeling for a summer resort. […]

Located in the historical center of Thessaloniki, on the ground floor of a building known as the ‘Old Post office’, the Toms Flagship Store & Café (designed by FORMrelated Studio / lights by 157+173 designers) provides a shopping and cafe experience in the same space, in absolute harmony.  […]

Inspired by the designs on ancient Greek amphoras and murals, 157+173 designers created a set of wooden doorhandles with patterns and figures that have kindly been re-designed to feel they belong to today, and at the same time remind us of Greece’s great history. […]