Molonglo has been operating in Athens since 2017. The team’s ambition is to respect the city’s many histories and for its past and present to coexist in balance. They want to uphold traditional ways of living by employing non-traditional architectural formats, and to advocate for Athens – to support it, post-economic crisis, in gentle ways that keep with its everyday rhythms and culture. Their work here takes place in existing buildings which have fallen into disrepair. Through reverse-ruination, these buildings are being restored and honoured. Existing elements will be protected and new architecture will thoughtfully modernise the buildings using the lightest touch. Wherever possible, meaningful landscape spaces, whether they be public or domestic gardens, will be woven throughout. To date, Molonglo has completed two projects in Athens; Zacharitsa live-work and Troias apartment. They have nine further residential projects underway. All these residential spaces are available furnished or unfurnished as long-term lets.

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