“How is an Athenian, who has decided to leave the city and live in a village from where she is not originated from, called? “τo λοκάλι/ lo-ka-lee (pronounced)”.

The word is known for years in Athenian slang conversations. “Ask lokalee (the local person), she knows” / “When did you get to know everybody? You’ve become a lokalee (a local person)!” How is the centre of Athens connected to a village in West Mani, Kardamili? Through a project.  The purpose of the project is to accent all the artists and Greek companies who create and promote tradition and art crafts of Greece.

It started in June of 2016 and it’s about a personal brand which transforms and evolves as man crosses over into the decades of his life. Greek brands, independent artists from Greece and abroad who live and work in Greece with domestic production. “το λοκάλι / lo-ka-lee” and its friends develop, explore, discover and create unique items which have a story to tell.  The creator and his product gain more importance with basic features of aesthetics, usability and quality with a sense of responsibility for the tradition of our land and respect for the cultural heritage of Greece. Man encounters the object in all the forms and materials that exist in nature conveying emotion, passion, history, colour, perspective, proposal. In “το λοκάλι / lo-ka-lee” nothing is the same as the people around it. Careful selection of quality and not quantity with a sense of cooperation and respect amongst partners but also apparent support and solidarity between businesses.

Collaboration and goodwill are the key ingredients of all our creations and partnerships. We are looking for those who believe and prominence it through a new generation of creations with a new approach to trading but also a key denominator of receptiveness, acceptance in uniqueness, and ultimately the creator’s (transmitter) and consumer’s (receiver) satisfaction.”