“Designer Lights” is a project by CREAID that aims at creating a playground for the Athens General Children’s Hospitals. Renowned Greek designers, architects and artists were invited to design their own light (floor, wall, roof, installation etc). All creations will be auctioned online on CREAID’s website (www.creaid.com), and will be presented in an exhibition which will take place at One Athens, in April 2016.

The designers’ list features, among others, the following:

– ‎Architects‬ Katerina Apostolou and Minna Collakis (www.ak-a.gr)
– Architect‬ Pavlos Chatziangelidis (www.314architecturestudio.com) in collaboration with Sculptor Aspras Yiannis
– Architect Natalia Kokosalaki (www.nataliakokosalaki.gr)
– Interior designer Aria Korizi
– Architects Katerina Apostolou and Minna Collakis
– Architect Dionysis Sotovikis (www.workshop-s.com)
– Designer Yiannis Ghikas (www.yiannisghikas.com)
– Architect Panos Assimakopoulos
– Interior designer Tina Komninou (tinakomninou.com)

CREAID is a newly founded, non-profit organization with a targeted humanitarian mandate, served through creativity and art. The fundamental principle is “create to aid those in need”. The objective is to actively contribute in solving humanitarian problems in our country by raising awareness through creative and artistic initiatives. CREAID consists of a group of young, dynamic people who aim at the effective relief of weak social groups while promoting creative thinking, imagination, noble competition, and entrepreneurship. The passion to create fuels the need to aid that leads to collective actions of citizens without state interventions.

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Coco-Nat by Natalia Kokosalaki
The Bouquet by interior ‎designer Aria Korizi
Petal table lamp by ‎architects Katerina Apostolou and Minna Collakis
Grip lamp by designer Yiannis Ghikas
Spinning top by architect Mari Goga
Nostalgia by interior designer Tina Komninou