Electra Labrianidou 2014 Spring-Summer Collection is all about juxtaposing plushness and delicacy. Classic typologies have been turned into unorthodox forms that interact with the body; their dynamic shape calls for it to reform its movement and balance. The tragic fates of lovers that weren’t meant to be and the vanity of decaying beauty are in dialogue with a detailed craftsmanship that opposes the pace of modernity and the weight of gravity. The designs reveal a profound compassion for the things that belong to nature and are eternal.

Millinery Designer Electra Labrianidou aims to recreate a language of craftsmanship that uses old techniques viewed through a contemporary perception. She sees the procedure of hat-making as a form of artistic expression that is even more exciting than other forms, in the sense that it can be worn. The brand produces everything by hand in the studio; the fabrics are hand-dyed and made of natural fibers, while the flowers and leaves are handmade, petal-by-petal.