What happens when your life partner suddenly becomes your business partner as well? When your romantic dinners are no longer a personal matter, since you have some food and wine lovers waiting for a new post, captured with a camera you have to carry everywhere with you?

We are Dimitris and Liana, or in other words WhetYourAppetite Athens’s founders and in our case, the way to someone’s heart is through the stomach.Having both a close relationship with food from a young age, since our parents are engaged in eating establishments, we followed their passion. We are quality food & wine lovers and we live for it!

We came up with the idea of making a food blog quite frivolously. We had a lot of pictures, mainly captured with our smartphones, from restaurants we had visited. So we started to organize the concept of a blog that would awake followers’ interest about gastronomy, guide and advise them on where to go and what to choose as their meals, present wine labels and inform about the new arrivals and trends of the gastronomic map of Athens and other cities.

We chose the “whet your appetite” phrase which refers to the increased desire to savour what you see.

The restaurants we select for our reviews, are chosen with criteria that vary on occasion. For us the visit and testing of a restaurant is an integral part of our everyday life. However, we definitely choose to dine at the talk of the town restaurants, to taste cuisines from all over the world and restaurants’ menus that have a unique gastronomical approach. We often receive an invitation by restaurants to taste their new menus and express our opinion objectively, both on our Instagram blog and on TripAdvisor, that we are active as well.

We love to visit gastronomy festivals to expand our tasting pallet, as well as wine tastings, wineries and tailor made Food & Wine pairing events.