October 2018
September 2018

Dimitria Festival 2018

Navarxou Kountouriwth 17, Thessaloníki

At 53d Dimitria festival of Thessaloniki, people and arts will meet again. Theater, dance, music, performances, visual arts, conferences, events and concerts will be the main part of this year’s event, focusing on creativity within every artistic medium and culture, as a creative journey for all. […]

June 2018

Thessaloniki Costakis Collection: Restart

State Museum of Contemporary Art, Moni Lazariston

The State Museum of Modern Art in Thessaloniki, posessing the legendary collection of George Costakis (1913-1990) which was received in 2000, is opening a new page in its history, with the exhibition “Thessaloniki. Costakis collection. Restart”.  […]

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