Located in an early 70’s residential building in the center of Athens, on Didotou street, this project is about converting an apartment previously used as an office space, back to its original purpose, this time functioning as a short stay apartment.


“When a client asked us to convert a series of existing office and industrial buildings into apartments, a pivotal issue immediately arose: all of the properties vary in shape, size, height, location, orientation and context; how can we ensure a consistent level of comfort and functionality? […]

The showroom is located in the center of Argostoli, in Kefalonia island, on the ground level of a building that was renovated inside and out. It is a versatile, modern space, where visitors can select objects and equipment for their own event, or even have rehearsals in physical scale. […]

The house is located in Serifos island, Cyclades, Greece and it was originally built in 1998. Andrew Sheinman, founder of award-winning New York-based interior design firm Pembrooke & Ives, and his wife Helen purchased this house in 2005. They have kept all the original structure and added rooms, terraces and gardens over the years.


The main focus of the design was to create a house that blends in its natural environment. An environment comprised of steep dirt and gravel slopes, dressed with scattered wild thorny bushes, and beautiful large rock formations. Though the most important existing elements, were the short stone retaining walls, locally called xerolithies, created a long time ago for land cultivation purposes. These walls, usually not more than a meter in height formed flat stripes of land parallel to the slope and extended along the entire surface of the hillside. […]

Olive sun villa is situated in the heart of a 4500 sq.m olive grove, near the sea. This project concerns the renovation of a preexisting building and the addition of a new wing, in order to create a six–room vacation house. The off-white and earthy tones used in the interior and exterior of the building, create a calm atmosphere, ideal for relaxation. […]

These partially completed buildings were left abandoned for years; they exemplify the pre-financial crisis construction boom in Greece and it’s after effects. Their repetitive volumes and lack of site planning came in stark contrast to the beauty of the surrounding landscape. No further volumetric alteration was allowed by local regulations. The goal of the refurbishment was softening their impact: an exercise in reduction. […]

The renovated visitor center of the Robola Wine Producers Cooperative, in Kefalonia island, was designed by architect Afroditi Lefkaditi as a way of acquaintance with its singular location, through wine tasting. The driving concept in the redesign was perpetual contact with nature and incorporation of the local landmarks. […]

A plot situated in a remote, ordinary village of Kalamia, with olive groves surrounding and an unobstructed view to the Gulf of Corinth, is a setting for retreat from demanding urban life, whose occupant is a nature-loving young couple with their three children.  The morphology of the place – the slope with a 6m height difference from the top to the bottom, led to the decision of creating the house with humble, stone stable-like appearance from the street side that discreetly fits into the neighborhood, while developing into the prominent, two levels construction from the garden. […]

Given a context of scarce resources this small summer residence reinterprets the space of leisure within a former site of production and labor. The postindustrial landscape of Salamis, between city and nature, land and sea, informs the project’s introspection, which capitalizes on the essential resources of climate, outdoor space and economy of means […]

“The project “Lithos Island Loft” is located within the traditional settlement of Triantaros in Tinos. It is the result of a collective experiential study of our architecture firm on the local architecture, and the continuation of previous architectural experiences we had there. It is worthwhile to understand the context around the design. The present house is, in a sense, a follow-up of the one opposing it; an archetypical 19th century Tinian house that belongs to the same family and that was recently restored by our firm. […]

“The commission of a private residence, being by nature a more personal project when compared to hotel or restaurants, is a welcome change for Studio Bonarchi. This was the case with this family house located in a posh suburb of Athens, where the owners’s love for art played a truly significant role. […]