The Wooden Cave is a project by Tenon Architecture, that was designed and built by the architects Apostolos Mitropoulos and Thanos Zervos at the Hyades Mountain Resort in Trikala Korinthias, Greece, and was completed in 2020. The project entails the complete renovation of an existing space of the resort intended for commercial use, with the construction of a curved wooden structure within it. […]

Waterfront Nikis Apartment is located in the heart of Thessaloniki, Greece, on Nikis Avenue (Victory Avenue) the old waterfront promenade. The apartment is 120m2 and has a living room, a dining room, three bedrooms, a shower room, a WC, a storage room, a kitchen and two balconies (one at the front overlooking the sea and one at the back looking at the neighborhood). […]

Αrchitect Natalia Bazaiou renovated a late ‘70’s apartment, originally dark and arranged into small spaces. It is now home to a family of four, with its remodelled interior meeting their needs for open green spaces and transparency, for a pervading spirit of playfulness and a relaxed sense of flow between the different uses of space; also, for the kind of planning that defies traditional limitations and space allocation trends. […]

A sloping triangular site facing the sea. A house as a series of adjoining rooms. Retaining walls, so common in the surrounding Mediterranean landscape. Here they contain the land and the living. Volumes at different elevations follow the topography. Each with a dedicated program. Enter from the top of the site. There, a stair continues the slope into the house. The first experience upon entering: A house as a viewing apparatus onto the sea. […]

The Doric Dune settlement was designed to be part of the Delphi Golf-Resort in Fokida. It is placed in the area of Makranikolas, the southernmost part of the prefecture of Fokida at a distance of 22 kilometres from the aforementioned Central Hotel unit. […]

“The first time we set foot on the land where Keli and Mandri cottages proudly stand, an impressive 2.5 hectare property on top of a rocky hill overlooking the Kalo Ambeli fields, we said to ourselves this is the place to be. We are talking about what today is the Natura Residences complex. […]

Developed along a plot of land with an idyllic view of the Aegean, Vi[g]la was designed to provide enjoyable and comfortable holidays to its guests. With an angle of more than 180 degrees, the view spans from Naxos to Tinos giving the opportunity to observe the west part of the Aegean including unique sunsets. […]

We dream a vivid colourful universe – spaces in which the use of color provokes ecstasy, happiness, curiosity and every emotion in between. Our design approach is based on a whimsical interplay of colors and geometry in order to create spaces which can trigger memories and at the same time create new ones. It’ s all about domestic colorful interiors that welcome you into spaces of indolent experimentation and colorful contradictions. […]

An 1980’s abandoned building redesigned and renovated to fulfil the owners’ needs for a contemporary, functional house. The basic design challenge was the split-level motif that the existing building was following, whereas the sense of nature was intense, as the building stands in the center of a 5.000 acres plot with a distinct geomorphology. […]