The design of Ikt Marmaron new headquarters was inspired by the company’s philosophy, which stems from the material’s timelessness, nature and application in contemporary construction. Innovative methods of material processing allow a new approach towards marble, which can transcend conventional lines and predefined limits. […]

Kanel is a Swedish konditori that opened in Thessaloniki in 2020. The owner’s family has lived for many years in Sweden and along with the mentality has brought back to Greece a classic Swedish recipe, that of the kanelbullar.

Our team was inspired by the simplicity of the Scandinavian interiors, which were adapted in Thessaloniki’s warmer territory.

The space is divided in two parts, the warm and the cold. The warm part is painted in a mud like terracotta and creates a nest enclosing the bar and preparation area. The lack of joints and the color unity of the nest were accomplished with the use of decorative micro cement. The cold part is the seating area and is like a corridor leading to the nest. A contemporary reading of Venetian terrazzo by Emil Group was installed on the floor. The marble fragments of the Medley tiles by Ergon were chosen in white tones to highlight the antithesis between the two spaces. The earth-tone graphic pattern on the wall is a play between diverse geometric forms and works as the connective link between the two spaces.

The neon quotes express Kanel’s philosophy and at the same time create “instagrammable” backgrounds. With the phrase ‘a piece for everyone’ as the café’s motto, anyone and everyone are invited to join.

The Homeric Poems Hotel is located in the neighbourhood of Firostefani, on the Greek island of Santorini, on the edge of the steep Caldera. The Interior Design Laboratorium worked on the renovation of three suites, which are part of a traditional captain’s house that stands as a separate building of the hotel’s premises. […]

Framed by the endless blue and the bright light that floods the Aegean Sea, the newly built Saluti da Stampalia has been carefully designed and curated, so as to provide interiors that address all the senses, deliver comfort, style and elegance, while allow the total immersion in the surrounding natural environment.


“Pretty in Pink” is a fully renovated, 50 sq. m apartment in Plaka, Athens.  When acquired by its owner, the apartment was in a rather peculiar state: Half of it (bedroom and sitting) was quite well preserved but without character, while the other half, (entrance, kitchen, bathroom), a total building site, with demolished walls and water pipes all over the place. […]

The HC Loft is located at Heraklion, Crete with a total surface of 110 m2. It has been fully renovated to accommodate the needs of its new inhabitant, a New Yorker relocating to Crete. The distinctive nature of this project is that it addresses a specific user persona; a tech-savvy individual for whom feeling at home forms an integral part of his character. […]

Over the past 12 months at The Greek Foundation, we’ve been trying to showcase some of the best projects related to Greek design, architecture, photography, the arts and cultural production in general. Our aim has been to bring our readers articles that will interest and inspire them, but also to connect artists to the world and bring the world closer to them, too. In this context, we have compiled a list of the most popular articles of 2019, which essentially offers an opportunity to go through some of the most impressive projects of the year, step by step. […]

Entrusting a new creative studio to help him create his largest London opening was a major leap of faith for Gordon Ramsay, and it was Afroditikrassa that received the brief. Tasked with delivering the concept, brand and design for a nuanced, Asian-inspired restaurant, bar and private dining offering to replace the much loved Maze in Grosvenor square, this had to be something really special. […]

urban frame hotel

Situated in the most beautiful area, where the heart of Athens beats, Urban Frame Hotel invites its’ guests to experience a lively and vivid way of life where culture and history meets novelty, futurism and authenticity of a city who welcomes new ideas and offers bright and memorable moments. […]