This contemporary office interior in the heart of Athens was created by Block722 as the architecture studio’s own headquarters. The design not only responds to the practice’s daily needs; it also reflects its values and signature style, providing a serene, bespoke, timeless environment to support creativity and wellbeing. […]

This renovation of an apartment from the 1950’s presented both challenges and opportunities. The Greek modernist era -that came to maturity along with the Athenian upper middle class- has left a significant architectural footprint in the center of Athens. Post-war modernist architecture meant high rise concrete apartment buildings; however, they did not have to be the sterile and austere kind and embellishment was not frowned upon, on the contrary, it was sought after. […]

A mid-war era building, designed by the architect Athanassios Demiris, in 1935, as a leaf spring factory with workshop and office spaces, now housing “Bios” cultural & creative space. On its rooftop, at the area previously occupied by the old laundry room, the storage area and the stairwell, a small space, housing a bar, is introduced. […]

Fika is not just a word in the cultural vocabulary of Swedes; it is actually part of their mentality. It literally means to find some time during your day to enjoy a cup of coffee with friends, but it’s so much more than that. It is this time of the day where you slow down, indulge yourself with coffee and a sweet, preferably homemade and well-presented and socialize. Ideally this should be taking place in a design, comfortable and well lit area. […]

In a former workshop space, which occupies the top floor of an office building, located in City Hall Square, in the heart of the Historic and Commercial Center of Athens, the architectural team FLUX – office designed a residence to serve the needs of its new occupants. […]

An apartment in a 1930s building of the Interwar period in central Athens was selected to host the Bonarchi agency. The unique sense of the Athenian sunlight coming through the overheight off-white windows of the facade inspired Vangelis Bonios to create a bright everyday space that functions both as a meeting place and a welcoming lounge area for the studio. […]

Fokylidou is a renovation project of a two-floor apartment, located in the center of Athens. The project takes full advantage of the liberties typical Athenian polykatoikias provide: the freeing up of previously subdivided rooms into an open-plan layout. The newly created openness is enhanced with focused views towards key elements of the city’s skyline. Landmarks such as Lycabettus Hill and the Akropolis thereby become elements that are framed like canvases as part of the interior spaces. […]