The house lies on a hill in Kratigos Mytilene with panoramic views to the Aegean Sea and the lush vegetation of the adjascent downhill slope. The design takes into consideration and uses to its advantage the orientation of the plot as well as the terrain formations, allowing the residence to open up fully towards the blue southeast view of the seafront and the green view of the slope while the introvert northwest elevation plays with the element of surprise and ensures the privacy of the residence. […]

Single-Multi residence provides new ways to view the concept of living. The external wall is far more than just an element of division between the interior and exterior. It defines the boundary between the public and the private, between the common and the unique, the ordinary and the special, the unknown and the intimate. […]

The apartment is located in the heart of the city, sitting on a quintessentially Athenian block dating back to the early 1960s. The main objective of the study was to redefine the notion of ‘dwelling’ for a bachelor residing in a neighborhood & building that oozes unique sixties elegance. […]

The most visible item of the uniform worn by those who fought the Greek War of Independence, the famous white pleated kilt-like garment, becomes a celebratory souvenir for this year’s 200th anniversary. A truly rebellious porcelain, reminding us a Greek story of struggles, dreams, vigor, collectivity, hope and joy. […]

Maria Alexiou is of an architectural background and always felt an appeal to organic, curvy shapes and earthy tones. In 2019 her aesthetic started translating also in Calma ceramics, her ceramic project. […]