Ancient Kallos new high summer 2021 collection offers fresh designs with an emphasis on the Greek traditional embroideries  and attention to details! The  collection is defined by natural fibers, beautiful finishings and colorful  patterns. […]

“Barefoot summers in sun kissed shoulders and denim cut-offs. Dawn fishing trips and late nights counting the stars. Cliff-diving, skinny-dipping, tomato-picking, wine- harvesting and fish grilling on a black sand beach. Time moving in slow motion, like a tuft of cloud drifting across the horizon. These are the kind of memories you could take home with you after visiting Cycladica: this simple, elemental slow living, Greek style. A way of life defined by lightness, simplicity, and freedom. […]

“The commission of a private residence, being by nature a more personal project when compared to hotel or restaurants, is a welcome change for Studio Bonarchi. This was the case with this family house located in a posh suburb of Athens, where the owners’s love for art played a truly significant role. […]

“Life is more complete when you constantly challenge your self and your creativity. I have worked for the past 25 years as a fashion photographer based in NYC. A few years ago a dear friend invited me to her ceramic studio and after that I was inspired and hooked. Clay was a new creative outlet that was grounding — rewarding and most of all therapeutic. My love for nature and its purity of forms and textures has been the driving force in creating my work. […]

“Our office was invited to renovate a 30-year-old vacation villa located on Mykonos island. The house, originally built in 1989, sits on a typical Mykonian rock with unobstructed views towards the sea and the sunset. It has gradually grown through several additions over the years to a charming but complex assembly of spaces. Due to its organic growth, it lacked good circulation and hierarchy in the interior and exterior spaces. […]

Ηaáls is a new premium resort-wear brand, created in its entirety in Greece by the hands of experienced craftsmen. All the creations are designed by the brand’s in-house team and draw inspiration from the timeless style of the 50s and the aesthetic of minimal lines, adapted to the spirit of today. Their goal is to utilise and showcase every feminine aspect of contemporary woman. […]

Minas Kosmidis Architects were asked to design a summer house in the coastal region of Almaza, Egypt. The project of 220sq.m is located within walking distance from the coast. Being part of a building complex, the interventions are limited to the layout of the interior, as well as to small-scale modifications regarding the exterior. Taking into consideration the surrounding area, having a Mediterranean character, the proposal attempts to be harmonized with the airy sense of the atmosphere. […]

This years’ collection by Sophie Deloudi is wrapped in a powerful feminine aura and symbolism. The maturity of the designer is present in all levels; in the concept, the design, the purpose and the aim. There is consistency and respect in the way that Sophie Deloudi defines the feminine substance but with every new collection there’s an innovation to that definition. […]

“2021 is a year of new beginnings, the right moment for all of us to find ourselves, restart and rebalance. The Rooster is a unique, brand new property opening on June 1st in Antiparos. Its owner/founder, Athanasia Comninos, was inspired by the local landscape and envisioned an Eden on earth. […]

The Modernist Athens is located in a post-war architecture building, an architectural sample of the mass reconstruction of the ‘50s. The characteristics of this urban building are the clean-cut geometry and strict grid on the facades. The building is divided into Basement, Ground Floor, 6 Typical Floors and Roof Garden. The simple decoration on the facades with plaster and scotias moulding are a characteristic element of the architecture of the time. […]

The lockdown, the isolation, the loneliness and the changes in our daily routine, were the driving forces of the designer Magdalini Kleio Eftaxiopoulou that resulted in her new summer collection under the brand m.k.e, characterized by positivity and optimism for the future. The collection that has been named “Platia Amerikis” derived from the well-known square in central Athens, and it strives to project a new kind of getaway. […]

Situated near Barcelona’s Olympic Marina, this apartment pays direct tribute to its seaport context. Cometa architects´ Faidra Matziaraki & Victor Gonzalez Martí reconfigure this 56 sqm apartment by knocking down all interior walls and opening up the frontal exterior wall in order to achieve uninterrupted space and views, creating an architectural journey where one would need just the essential. […]

KORA is a sourdough and viennoiserie bakery in Athens. It was founded by Maria Alafouzou, a writer-editor and Ianthi Michalaki, a pastry chef & baker. They bake everyday and continuously search for the finest ingredients across the country. KORA’s process includes long fermentation methods, which makes their products unique and tastier, compared to conventionally produced breads. […]