In October 2020, on the remote island of Lesvos in Greece, in the most mountainous village of the island, an idea was born for a new ecological material, called “koukoutsi”. […]

“Inspired by the many shapes and texture of the sea, as well as the draped garment of the ancient times that would sculpt the silhouette in the most flattering way, our new collection offers a large range of day to night garments in bright, vibrant colours. […]

Named after the Byzantine word for the age-old cistern around which it is built, and which, for centuries, has breathed life into the surrounding fertile land, towering trees, and olive groves, Kinsterna is an 18th-century Byzantine mansion that has been painstakingly restored to a contemporary design hotel. […]

A plot situated in a remote, ordinary village of Kalamia, with olive groves surrounding and an unobstructed view to the Gulf of Corinth, is a setting for retreat from demanding urban life, whose occupant is a nature-loving young couple with their three children.  The morphology of the place – the slope with a 6m height difference from the top to the bottom, led to the decision of creating the house with humble, stone stable-like appearance from the street side that discreetly fits into the neighborhood, while developing into the prominent, two levels construction from the garden. […]

“When we were tasked to design the identity of the Goulandris Natural History Museum’s restaurant, our goal was to amalgamate the two worlds that harmoniously come together through their connection with organic matter: the museum itself and the restaurant, as a natural continuation of the exhibition space. […]

Comprising 38 guest Pavilions, an Aman Spa and ten Villas, Amanzoe lies on the east coast of Greece’s Peloponnese Peninsula. Combining the Sanskrit-derived word for ‘peace’ with zoe, the Greek word for ‘life’, the hilltop property enjoys panoramic views of undulating olive groves and the Aegean Sea, along with a private Beach Club in a picturesque bay and easy access to the region’s wealth of archaeological marvels. […]

“Universally, art is blossoming across many fields of design while creative minds worldwide are struggling to get exposure and reach a wider audience. Therefore, we launched MANTILITY with a mission to create an eclectic online scarves gallery that provides a platform of expression to artists and offers worldwide meticulously crafted scarves at accessible prices. […]

Given a context of scarce resources this small summer residence reinterprets the space of leisure within a former site of production and labor. The postindustrial landscape of Salamis, between city and nature, land and sea, informs the project’s introspection, which capitalizes on the essential resources of climate, outdoor space and economy of means […]

“Back in May of 2020 Nuez Resort Wear was born out of our desire to create the perfect vacation wardrobe. A wardrobe that will be versatile and timeless, meaning that you can use it summer after summer. Having the wandering souls of travellers in mind, and the “less is more’’ as our philosophy we want to offer unique pieces that are conceptualising a luxury lifestyle yet down to earth. […]

“The project “Lithos Island Loft” is located within the traditional settlement of Triantaros in Tinos. It is the result of a collective experiential study of our architecture firm on the local architecture, and the continuation of previous architectural experiences we had there. It is worthwhile to understand the context around the design. The present house is, in a sense, a follow-up of the one opposing it; an archetypical 19th century Tinian house that belongs to the same family and that was recently restored by our firm. […]

Ancient Kallos new high summer 2021 collection offers fresh designs with an emphasis on the Greek traditional embroideries  and attention to details! The  collection is defined by natural fibers, beautiful finishings and colorful  patterns. […]

“Barefoot summers in sun kissed shoulders and denim cut-offs. Dawn fishing trips and late nights counting the stars. Cliff-diving, skinny-dipping, tomato-picking, wine- harvesting and fish grilling on a black sand beach. Time moving in slow motion, like a tuft of cloud drifting across the horizon. These are the kind of memories you could take home with you after visiting Cycladica: this simple, elemental slow living, Greek style. A way of life defined by lightness, simplicity, and freedom. […]

“The commission of a private residence, being by nature a more personal project when compared to hotel or restaurants, is a welcome change for Studio Bonarchi. This was the case with this family house located in a posh suburb of Athens, where the owners’s love for art played a truly significant role. […]

“Life is more complete when you constantly challenge your self and your creativity. I have worked for the past 25 years as a fashion photographer based in NYC. A few years ago a dear friend invited me to her ceramic studio and after that I was inspired and hooked. Clay was a new creative outlet that was grounding — rewarding and most of all therapeutic. My love for nature and its purity of forms and textures has been the driving force in creating my work. […]