Kommigraphics is an independent innovation agency, specialising in web design, branding and strategic communication, based in Athens. They  create customized solutions that combine design, technology and strategic marketing, helping businesses grow efficiently over time. Their immersive print & digital projects, effectively work for brands across different markets and around the globe.

The following conversation was held with Kosmas Apatangelos, Co-founder and Head of Design of Kommigraphics.


An interview with Lydia Vousvouni, Head of Design of Zeus + Δione. Lydia Vousvouni was born and raised in Athens, Greece in 1988. She studied fashion design in three universities in the UK and was awarded at the end of her studies for her final collection having been shortlisted by external fashion critics on the best graduate students in the UK and other EU countries. Her work was appointed for the innovation and aesthetic levels and was exhibited in Berlin. […]

Caparo Design Crew is a design-led creative agency, located in Athens, Greece.

“We do what we love and that’s building brands that can top their potential, inspire people and add to the goodness of this world. Our core mission is to bring out the inner values of a brand in a way that not only attracts the attention of its audience but also connects with it on an emotional level.”

The following conversation was held with Kostas Kaparos, founder and Creative Director of Caparo Design Crew. […]

Chris Angelakis and his son Manolis Angelakis are the proud owners of Tind, a silkscreen printing studio in Neos Kosmos, Athens, Greece. They offer high quality silkscreen printing services and as they love to say they “swallow inks and spit prints”. […]

The Wooden Cave is a project by Tenon Architecture, that was designed and built by the architects Apostolos Mitropoulos and Thanos Zervos at the Hyades Mountain Resort in Trikala Korinthias, Greece, and was completed in 2020. The project entails the complete renovation of an existing space of the resort intended for commercial use, with the construction of a curved wooden structure within it. […]

The traditional Greek sandal that can be found in the alleys of the islands, is a timeless product that is linked to Greece’s identity. The main idea for KYMA, is preserving this historic concept but in a version of higher quality and elegance. […]