The site sits in a flat plot neighboring the coastline of the Northern Peloponnese and overlooking the mountain of Parnassos to the north. Apart from the view, there are no apparent topological features or relatable surrounding buildings that formulate a strong local context. The building itself becomes the context. It is a house to make memories in. […]

Design study and restoration of a house, built originally in 1910, at the village of Falatados in Tinos. The house has two main floors with individual levels. The bottom floor (katoi) with a surface area of ​​65 sq.m., is located at the level of the main cobbled path of the village with direct access to it from two different entrances. […]

‘Pin Board’ philosophy is based on endless possibility of change & sustainability. Usually variety comes with a cost to “slow fashion practices”. Or maybe not? With ‘PinBoard’ innovative concept you can change your look without even having to change clothes. Natural textiles and up-cycled materials are used for producing a variety of looks that are designed to live many years. […]

The penthouse is located in a three storey apartment building in Ano Petralona, a region which is well known for its diversity in building styles (from stone detached houses to newly built constructions). Yet, it manages the balanced coexistence of all of them.  However, a large number of unused spaces such as this one still exist. […]

In the heart of the historical centre of Ioannina, in one of the most beautiful pedestrian areas, in a neighbourhood where just a century ago the Greek, Muslim and Jewish communities met and gave out a scent of multiculturalism and metropolitan elegance, an old two-floor residence is reconstructed and transformed into a boutique hotel, offering a new place for accommodation. […]

Walking lengthwise RÉSO, passing by interconnected office towers, hotels, shopping centers, residential and commercial complexes, convention halls, universities and performing arts venues, an endless underground city; stunned by the information overload, you stop to take a break at the Cinema Du Park. […]

The house is placed in the traditional village of Chorio in Sikinos Island, overlooking the Aegen sea and Sikinos’s wild and dry landscape. The main access to the house is via the old and narrow pedestrian streets of the village on the south side of the plot. A second one, on the west side and in a lower level, leads to its gardens and afterwards to the house. […]

While pampering remains a constant in the business of personal care, a shift of people’s attitude towards wellbeing and wellness is becoming more evident than ever. The terrain in the retail services industry is undoubtedly under re-evaluation and reform to cater for the informed customer. […]

“My ceramics have come alive through the marriage of old and new. My inspiration is a connection of traditional and contemporary everyday style. The colours and the forms find a place in all different environments. […]

Yorgos Maraziotis (*1984, Athens GR) is an MA graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. He has also studied Silkscreen at the School Of Visual Arts in New York City and holds a First Class degree in Visual Arts from the Wolverhampton University (UK). Ηe uses various media such as sculpture, installation, publications and often works in thematic series. He is a member of the participatory art group November and a board member of the curatorial organisation AthenSyn. […]

The architecture of the past or the limited square footage can sometimes stand in the way of a renovation, but not in this particular apartment on Formionos Street in Kaisariani. For the interior designer and head of the EC Interiors, Evelyn Chatzigoula, its 50 sq.m. and its design philosophy, coming from the 1970’s, were the driving force for a creative and functional redesign. […]