‘Pin Board’ philosophy is based on endless possibility of change & sustainability. Usually variety comes with a cost to “slow fashion practices”. Or maybe not? With ‘PinBoard’ innovative concept you can change your look without even having to change clothes. Natural textiles and up-cycled materials are used for producing a variety of looks that are designed to live many years. […]

Walking lengthwise RÉSO, passing by interconnected office towers, hotels, shopping centers, residential and commercial complexes, convention halls, universities and performing arts venues, an endless underground city; stunned by the information overload, you stop to take a break at the Cinema Du Park. […]

Καρίς (Κārī́s) is a conceptual jewellery brand, founded in 2020 by Ismene King. Ismene is an Athens based sculptor, who works in ceramics. For Καρίς, she works with clay, creating gestural jewels, letting the hand create quick, weightless forms out of the soft material, to be worn as a gesture on the body, both by women and men. […]

The traditional Greek sandal that can be found in the alleys of the islands, is a timeless product that is linked to Greece’s identity. The main idea for KYMA, is preserving this historic concept but in a version of higher quality and elegance. […]

YIORGOS ELEFTHERIADES / YESYMPHONY SS ’20 collection is inspired by a fusion of tropical and Mediterranean element. As the climate is quickly evolving, the collection perfectly harmonizes with it. Comfort and style become the main creative references of the collection, while high aesthetics, timelessness and quality determine the new era we experience. […]

m.k.e was founded in 2014 by the textile designer magdalini.kleio.eftaxiopoulou. Her passion for expressing her emotions through her designs and after screen-printing them on a variety of fabrics, led her to develop m.k.e., her life project. A brand full of patterns specialized in limited edition silk scarves and unisex accessories. […]

Ancient Greek Sandals are handmade locally by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques that have existed for centuries. A raw, yet feminine aesthetic distinguishes this sandal brand. The chemical free, natural tan leather ages beautifully with time and wear. Ancient Greek Sandals are available at the world’s best retailers including Net-a- Porter, Selfridges, Matches in London, Le Bon Marche, Colette and Merci in Paris, Antonia in Milan, Theresa in Munich, Bergdorf Goodman, Forty Five Ten and Maxfield in the USA, and Luisa via Roma, Moda Operandi and My Theresa.


Sophie Deloudi negotiates in a brand new way with her kind of feminism for her new collection, summer 2020. Consistent to her values according elegance, she manages to reposition simple, primary principles. Sophie Deloudi worships women, respects their bodies and always designs driven by attention to details and quality – her way of being. […]

Rastoni: noun, Greek. Definition: pleasant idleness, carefree relaxation. A word that can be used to describe how wonderful it can be to, for example, have a leisurely vacation, or to deeply enjoy a sweet rest during the hottest hours of a perfect summer day. Often associated with the Spanish “siesta” and the Italian “dolce far niente”. Rastoni is not just a concept. It is a state of mind and soul, totally worth diving into. […]

Evi Grintela The Shirtdress is a brand, based on the idea of the timeless icon, borrowing from the gentleman’s, high quality well-cut shirts. The brand’s collections include a variety of fluid airy styles, designed to be intellectually simple, minimally chic and subtly sophisticated. All shirtdresses are sewn in feather soft Swiss & Italian cotton, voile & silk. The combination of the fabrics and design of every collection reflects comfort with quality, harmony and sensuality. […]

Over the past 12 months at The Greek Foundation, we’ve been trying to showcase some of the best projects related to Greek design, architecture, photography, the arts and cultural production in general. Our aim has been to bring our readers articles that will interest and inspire them, but also to connect artists to the world and bring the world closer to them, too. In this context, we have compiled a list of the most popular articles of 2019, which essentially offers an opportunity to go through some of the most impressive projects of the year, step by step. […]

“Eating the Goober” is an Athens based fashion brand of women’s clothing & transformable sandals, established in 2017. In September 2019, the brand won among thousands of participants worldwide, the Etsy Global Design Award in “Earth-Friendly” category for their slide sandals called the “Ethical, Magic Sliders”. […]

Alexandria, a mythical city, believed to have been founded by Alexander the Great as a link between Egypt and Greece, is the lyrical setting for this Zeus+Dione fall/winter 2019 collection that takes its clues from the literary work of an elusive creative, Cavafy. […]


The Spring/Summer 2020 Mary Katrantzou show is a celebration of Greek heritage, history and culture, exceptionally shown against the breathtaking backdrop of the ancient Temple of Poseidon on Cape Sounion to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the founding of ELPIDA, the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer, established by Mrs. Marianna V. Vardinoyannis. […]

magnadi scarves

Magnadi is a new Greek cultural brand which brings Greek heritage into life in a stylish content. A collection of high quality silken accessories hand drawn and then digitally printed on some of the finest silk made in Greece. […]