Situated on the mountains of Pindus in Northern Greece, Metsovo is a small town known for its association with high altitude, low temperature nomadic life. As a location, it provides a different perspective to the image one might have of Greece, away from sun, summer as well as seas, and instead, it is an authentic winter milieu. This fall/winter 2021 Zeus+Dione collection takes its references from this mountain locale with a rich regional dress heritage and a longstanding culture of weaving. […]

“The season of 2021 is dedicated to the anniversary of the historical year of 1821. As a sequence of our previous Bouboulina Capsule Collection, Ancient Kallos is inspired by the Greek Heroine, Bouboulina and the costumes of that era. […]

The Eye Ring Collection is a seamless blend of history and modernity. A delicate handcrafted 14K gold wire is passed through a glass eye bead, giving optimum lightness and enabling the bead to move around. […]

“Shales”, is a hybrid capsule collection, inspired by the summertime spent in the Cyclades. Created while having the history, the geomorphology, and the culture of the islands in mind, all 5 items feature a different characteristic of profound symbolism and interpretation.


“Inspired by the many shapes and texture of the sea, as well as the draped garment of the ancient times that would sculpt the silhouette in the most flattering way, our new collection offers a large range of day to night garments in bright, vibrant colours. […]

“Universally, art is blossoming across many fields of design while creative minds worldwide are struggling to get exposure and reach a wider audience. Therefore, we launched MANTILITY with a mission to create an eclectic online scarves gallery that provides a platform of expression to artists and offers worldwide meticulously crafted scarves at accessible prices. […]

“Back in May of 2020 Nuez Resort Wear was born out of our desire to create the perfect vacation wardrobe. A wardrobe that will be versatile and timeless, meaning that you can use it summer after summer. Having the wandering souls of travellers in mind, and the “less is more’’ as our philosophy we want to offer unique pieces that are conceptualising a luxury lifestyle yet down to earth. […]

Ancient Kallos new high summer 2021 collection offers fresh designs with an emphasis on the Greek traditional embroideries  and attention to details! The  collection is defined by natural fibers, beautiful finishings and colorful  patterns. […]

Ηaáls is a new premium resort-wear brand, created in its entirety in Greece by the hands of experienced craftsmen. All the creations are designed by the brand’s in-house team and draw inspiration from the timeless style of the 50s and the aesthetic of minimal lines, adapted to the spirit of today. Their goal is to utilise and showcase every feminine aspect of contemporary woman. […]

This years’ collection by Sophie Deloudi is wrapped in a powerful feminine aura and symbolism. The maturity of the designer is present in all levels; in the concept, the design, the purpose and the aim. There is consistency and respect in the way that Sophie Deloudi defines the feminine substance but with every new collection there’s an innovation to that definition. […]

The lockdown, the isolation, the loneliness and the changes in our daily routine, were the driving forces of the designer Magdalini Kleio Eftaxiopoulou that resulted in her new summer collection under the brand m.k.e, characterized by positivity and optimism for the future. The collection that has been named “Platia Amerikis” derived from the well-known square in central Athens, and it strives to project a new kind of getaway. […]

Stellar evolution is the process by which a star changes over the course of time.With a look towards the future and strongly influenced by art, the designer Ioanna Kourbela creates a new universe. Colorful planets with the deep blue space as their background, each outlining its own course of evolution. […]

Over the past 12 months at The Greek Foundation, we’ve been trying to showcase some of the best projects related to Greek design, architecture, photography, the arts and cultural production in general. Our aim has been to bring our readers articles that will interest and inspire them, but also to connect artists to the world and bring the world closer to them, too. In this context, we have compiled a list of the most popular articles of 2020, which essentially offers an opportunity to go through some of the most impressive projects of the year, step by step. […]

‘Pin Board’ philosophy is based on endless possibility of change & sustainability. Usually variety comes with a cost to “slow fashion practices”. Or maybe not? With ‘PinBoard’ innovative concept you can change your look without even having to change clothes. Natural textiles and up-cycled materials are used for producing a variety of looks that are designed to live many years. […]

Walking lengthwise RÉSO, passing by interconnected office towers, hotels, shopping centers, residential and commercial complexes, convention halls, universities and performing arts venues, an endless underground city; stunned by the information overload, you stop to take a break at the Cinema Du Park. […]

Καρίς (Κārī́s) is a conceptual jewellery brand, founded in 2020 by Ismene King. Ismene is an Athens based sculptor, who works in ceramics. For Καρίς, she works with clay, creating gestural jewels, letting the hand create quick, weightless forms out of the soft material, to be worn as a gesture on the body, both by women and men. […]

The traditional Greek sandal that can be found in the alleys of the islands, is a timeless product that is linked to Greece’s identity. The main idea for KYMA, is preserving this historic concept but in a version of higher quality and elegance. […]

YIORGOS ELEFTHERIADES / YESYMPHONY SS ’20 collection is inspired by a fusion of tropical and Mediterranean element. As the climate is quickly evolving, the collection perfectly harmonizes with it. Comfort and style become the main creative references of the collection, while high aesthetics, timelessness and quality determine the new era we experience. […]