Prespes is a region shared between two lakes, the « small » and the « large» one, and three countries, Greece, Albania and FYROM. An ottoman sultan loved these lakes so much that he gave his daughter their name. […]

This is a series of images that were made through a time span of three years. During the shooting period, there was no predetermined concept in mind. The resulted series is rather an extraction, the bits and pieces of a visual diary from days of summer on a Greek island. […]

‘Aperspectival’ is a photographic series by architect and photographer Pygmalion Karatzas, taking a more intimate look at urban landscapes, influenced by the visual vocabulary of the ‘new topographics’ movement and the metropolitan condition ‘terrain vague’ as defined by Ignasi de Sola-Morales. […]

The collection of works titled Alphabet aims to bring together Ellie Tsatsou’s first approaches to the language of photography. It is a compilation of early photographs, as seen years after they were shot, with the intention to discover and highlight the creative movement of one’s self; the awakenings, the travels, the angst, the joy, the expansion and the rituals it took to get an idea of what it means to be using photography as a medium of rooting and growing. […]

800 sheep, 12 dogs, 2 horses and a man begin the journey. Over the centuries, this time of year, in October, shepherds lead their flock from the cold mountains to the plain, so they can overwinter. […]

“‘Street View’ is a project by Andreas Kamoutsis that deals exclusively with the events taking place out there on the streets. Its routes vary, from lively urban channels in big cities to deserted walks somewhere in the countryside. […]

‘Happy World’ is a series of images by Olga Stefatou linking the recent past of Myanmar to the present. It is a documentation of a country in transition, focusing on the local ethos and the painful journey to political change. […]

“In India worlds of different eras meet. The magic of a traditional world coexists with the positive spirit of the industrial world and the cynicism of the post-industrial world. […]

Cynthia Tzitzis is taking photos of her friends.

Mainly young people who came to the UK the last few years in search of a better future and left Greece behind, like she did. […]

We try to control time and space..
We strive to be creators…
The awareness of those two situations combined, gives us a sense of immortality…
For a fraction of a second, we defy death and have a glimpse of eternity.. […]