In a 1927 letter to Sigmund Freud, Romain Rolland coined the phrase “oceanic feeling” to refer to the sensation of being one with the universe. According to Rolland, this feeling is the source of all the religious energy that permeates in various religious systems, and one may justifiably call oneself religious on the basis of this oceanic feeling alone, even if one renounces every belief and every illusion. […]

A landscape is an illimitable state. It’s not restricted within the visible area in front of our eyes, but it extends in an undefined distance, reaching for the limits of our interpretation over ourselves and the world around us. It is because every landscape is eventually defined as the vast open field where our thoughts and feelings are meeting with the outside world. It’s both an imaginary field and an actual reality, a perpetual state and a momentary revelation. […]

In this stagnant space, in this gap between eras, Greek landscapes look bizarre, cut off the real world, pending for their unknown fate, as a visualization of the inner state of their inhabitants. The horizon is hidden behind thick fog preventing us to see what’s yet to come. […]

“The porcupines and other stories of intimacy” by the photographer Olga Tzimou is an exploratory meditation on the concept of intimacy in a personal and intuitive way. In this uncanny parallel universe of disastrous mating and traumatic unions, the characters’ attempts at closeness only enhance their sense of isolation. […]

During the previous decades, and especially during the period of the so-called Greek Economic Miracle (1950 – 1973), the implementation of the Marshall Plan, among others, led to the significant development of the chemical and mining industry.


Prespes is a region shared between two lakes, the « small » and the « large» one, and three countries, Greece, Albania and FYROM. An ottoman sultan loved these lakes so much that he gave his daughter their name. […]

This is a series of images that were made through a time span of three years. During the shooting period, there was no predetermined concept in mind. The resulted series is rather an extraction, the bits and pieces of a visual diary from days of summer on a Greek island. […]

‘Aperspectival’ is a photographic series by architect and photographer Pygmalion Karatzas, taking a more intimate look at urban landscapes, influenced by the visual vocabulary of the ‘new topographics’ movement and the metropolitan condition ‘terrain vague’ as defined by Ignasi de Sola-Morales. […]