What happens when your life partner suddenly becomes your business partner as well? When your romantic dinners are no longer a personal matter, since you have some food and wine lovers waiting for a new post, captured with a camera you have to carry everywhere with you? […]

Boutari Winery is one of the greatest and most historical companies of quality wine making. Since its establishment in 1879, the company has set the foundations for the production of quality bottled wines, it has contributed to the revival and development of indigenous grape varieties and it continuously invests in innovative products and services. […]

Creating a product that is healthy, tasty and keeps the naturalness of raw materials, that’s a good sign that people behind it respect the benefits of each ingredient and that the maintenance of quality is always a priority for them. The Nutlers, a new Greek company, that produces a variety of nut butters and aims to create products without sugar, preservatives and palm oil. […]

Between Manos Xatzidakis square and Kallimarmaro, on Ironda street, there is a neoclassical building where two young and talented chefs meet. Elvi Dimitris Zyba and Nikos Vorias attempt to highlight the modern Greek cuisine. […]

Catalyst roasters is a speciality coffee shop. Located in central London, Catalyst offers its own coffee blend roasted on its basement, together with a Global – Mediterranean based cuisine for breakfast, branch, lunch and dinner, and a selection of quality draft beer. […]

Sapfo extra virgin olive oil is a unique olive oil, meticulously collected from the mountains and dry areas of Mytilene, Greece and designed by Chris Trivizas. It is produced by Papadellis, a family business that specializes in the production and processing of olive oil since 1980. The name is inspired by the poetess Sappho, the tenth muse according to Greek Mythology. […]

The Athenian in Shoreditch, Elephant & Castle and various open-air markets across London, is a street food endeavour following in the steps of traditional Greek souvlaki shops.  […]

Botrini’s is a Michelin-awarded restaurant located in Chalandri, Athens, that brings gastronomy closer to the people of the Greek capital, with respect to seasonality and the quality of indigenous products. […]

G Design Studio created the name and label for ‘Base Syrah’, the house wine of Base Grill restaurant, depicting on the label the shape of the plain white napkin, traditionally used by waiters to serve wine – an image that is familiar and classic at the same time. […]

Ena Karo is a small business of natural handmade soap, located in Tinos, Cyclades, that makes 100% natural soaps, using only top quality ingredients such as Greek olive oil, Greek herbs and beeswax. […]