An interview with Aristides Dallas, founder of Aristides Dallas Architecture Studio, based in Athens and Tinos, Greece. Aristides Dallas was born in Athens, Greece in 1983. After studying architecture at the NTUA (2007), he establishes his architectural practice in Athens in 2008. At the same time, he works in the School of Architecture Faculty of the NTUA as a scientific associate and teaching assistant. In 2014 he launches an office in Tinos, where he lives and works to the present. […]

K. Bhta is born on June 18, 1961 in Melbourne, Australia. He started his musical studies at the Palladio Conservatory. In 1980 he started studying Painting and Art History at Melbourne’s Prahran Institute. He returned to Athens and studied typography at the German School of Graphic Arts and Advertising. In 1992, he created the electronic band Stereo Nova and composed music for 5 albums. In 1996 the band broke up and he followed his own musical path, making 10 personal albums. He wrote music for documentaries, film and theater. He lives and works in Athens.