Elena Vasilantonaki launched PilosClayArt in 2018, from her home studio in Athens, after attending pottery classes by ceramists Janet Lines for 6 years and Menandros Papadopoulos for 1 year. She creates small collections of unique, one of a kind vessels, using the coiling technique – a slow process of shaping clay that allows for a certain freedom while working and opens a dialogue of the creator with the piece.


The Eye Ring Collection is a seamless blend of history and modernity. A delicate handcrafted 14K gold wire is passed through a glass eye bead, giving optimum lightness and enabling the bead to move around. […]

Lavatoy is a Greek studio that creates handmade ceramic products drawing its inspiration from local tradition, history and organic materials of nature. Shapes, colors, patterns, symbols, technique and natural raw materials are harmoniously synthesized to produce ceramic molds of special aesthetics and daily use. Lavatoy consists of the potter Nikos Katsoulas and a team of designers. […]

In October 2020, on the remote island of Lesvos in Greece, in the most mountainous village of the island, an idea was born for a new ecological material, called “koukoutsi”. […]

“When we were tasked to design the identity of the Goulandris Natural History Museum’s restaurant, our goal was to amalgamate the two worlds that harmoniously come together through their connection with organic matter: the museum itself and the restaurant, as a natural continuation of the exhibition space. […]

“Universally, art is blossoming across many fields of design while creative minds worldwide are struggling to get exposure and reach a wider audience. Therefore, we launched MANTILITY with a mission to create an eclectic online scarves gallery that provides a platform of expression to artists and offers worldwide meticulously crafted scarves at accessible prices. […]

“Life is more complete when you constantly challenge your self and your creativity. I have worked for the past 25 years as a fashion photographer based in NYC. A few years ago a dear friend invited me to her ceramic studio and after that I was inspired and hooked. Clay was a new creative outlet that was grounding — rewarding and most of all therapeutic. My love for nature and its purity of forms and textures has been the driving force in creating my work. […]

KORA is a sourdough and viennoiserie bakery in Athens. It was founded by Maria Alafouzou, a writer-editor and Ianthi Michalaki, a pastry chef & baker. They bake everyday and continuously search for the finest ingredients across the country. KORA’s process includes long fermentation methods, which makes their products unique and tastier, compared to conventionally produced breads. […]