Elena Vasilantonaki launched PilosClayArt in 2018, from her home studio in Athens, after attending pottery classes by ceramists Janet Lines for 6 years and Menandros Papadopoulos for 1 year. She creates small collections of unique, one of a kind vessels, using the coiling technique – a slow process of shaping clay that allows for a certain freedom while working and opens a dialogue of the creator with the piece.


Lavatoy is a Greek studio that creates handmade ceramic products drawing its inspiration from local tradition, history and organic materials of nature. Shapes, colors, patterns, symbols, technique and natural raw materials are harmoniously synthesized to produce ceramic molds of special aesthetics and daily use. Lavatoy consists of the potter Nikos Katsoulas and a team of designers. […]

“Life is more complete when you constantly challenge your self and your creativity. I have worked for the past 25 years as a fashion photographer based in NYC. A few years ago a dear friend invited me to her ceramic studio and after that I was inspired and hooked. Clay was a new creative outlet that was grounding — rewarding and most of all therapeutic. My love for nature and its purity of forms and textures has been the driving force in creating my work. […]

Maria Alexiou is of an architectural background and always felt an appeal to organic, curvy shapes and earthy tones. In 2019 her aesthetic started translating also in Calma ceramics, her ceramic project. […]

Over the past 12 months at The Greek Foundation, we’ve been trying to showcase some of the best projects related to Greek design, architecture, photography, the arts and cultural production in general. Our aim has been to bring our readers articles that will interest and inspire them, but also to connect artists to the world and bring the world closer to them, too. In this context, we have compiled a list of the most popular articles of 2020, which essentially offers an opportunity to go through some of the most impressive projects of the year, step by step. […]

Efcharis and Nikos Paltoglou lucky enough to grow up in the ceramics workshop, which their father had established in Athens, were enchanted from a young age with this magical substance of soil and water, bringing them closer to both the past and present of humanity. […]

“My ceramics have come alive through the marriage of old and new. My inspiration is a connection of traditional and contemporary everyday style. The colours and the forms find a place in all different environments. […]

Yorgos Maraziotis (*1984, Athens GR) is an MA graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. He has also studied Silkscreen at the School Of Visual Arts in New York City and holds a First Class degree in Visual Arts from the Wolverhampton University (UK). Ηe uses various media such as sculpture, installation, publications and often works in thematic series. He is a member of the participatory art group November and a board member of the curatorial organisation AthenSyn. […]

“I was born and raised in Heraklion city, on the island of Crete in Greece. I studied Architecture in UTH and worked as an architect with two large practices in Athens for the first years of my career. In 2009, I decided to return to my hometown and continue working as a freelance architect there. […]

Thanks to their strong sense of repetition and innate musicality, Philippos Theodorides paintings are directly related to rhythmicality. His painting is the result of an intense expressionism, where gesture and composition are guided by instinct and spontaneous creativity. […]