M_theta_ (Mikaella Theofanopoulou) is an Athens (Greece) based independent artist & designer born in Tokyo (Japan). After receiving her Master in Applied Design in Architecture from Oxford School of Architecture, she engaged with interior design, drawing inspiration from the traditional Japanese aesthetics of the wabi-sabi philosophy. […]

The Museum of Illusions, after its international success in major cities abroad, has opened in Athens on the 15th of September, welcoming its first visitors to the heart of the historic center (Astigos 12). In a building with a total area of ​​more than 400m2, over 80 exhibits and visual games open the gates in an exciting world. […]

The masked collection by Suprematist consists of nine wooden decorative art objects, in the form of a mask, leaning on a metal base. Although they were designed without specific references, it was discovered through the outcome which elements of cultures have aesthetically influenced the artists to create a “new” mask. […]

While participating in the Occupy Atopos artist residency, The Dreamer redefines the UNLOCKED exhibition and its subject through his distinctive, colorful, pop style and transforms the Atopos cvc building into his personal dreamland. […]