The architecture of the past or the limited square footage can sometimes stand in the way of a renovation, but not in this particular apartment on Formionos Street in Kaisariani. For the interior designer and head of the EC Interiors, Evelyn Chatzigoula, its 50 sq.m. and its design philosophy, coming from the 1970’s, were the driving force for a creative and functional redesign. […]

The project concerns an unfinished three-storey building with ground floor, which is to house two families. The ground floor composes a large common area for all tenants of the building. The first floor hosts an independent family apartment and the second and third flood set together another apartment unit. […]

The hotel is located on the edge of the traditional village of Oia, at the top of the Caldera volcanic rocks. The plot has a steep ground slope, southwest orientation and unobstructed views to the sea and the volcano. Inside the plot there were ruined caves, used as storage areas, barn and cellars, and an old cubistic residence on its north-east corner. […]