Achilleas Mesaikos is a painter, illustrator and graphic designer whose work is centered around themes and portraits of everyday life.

“I met Achilleas 10 years ago, just before he graduated from school – me being 10 years older than him – and I spotted his natural talent for drawing, and particularly comics, which he was involved with at the time. A pure talent that accompanies a kind and special person. Achilleas’ collective self-awareness is evident in his work, a coordinated chaos, powerful and of high aesthetics. His background in comics combined with his personal influences, result to art that, through enigmatic and at times sad images, creates a feeling of awe, through soft but nevertheless complicated colors. He is an artist that has a great deal of things to say and offer. There is so much to be expected from him, so much for us yet to contemplate and enjoy”.

Giorgos Koftis, painter

Urban stories: The accident
Urban stories 2
Grandma (Μπάμπω)
The Man in the orange suit...
Urban stories 3
Urban Stories
Best friends
chitchat and coffee
Sigmund Freud
James Dean
Kendrick Lamar