Daphne Cavadias is a Visual Artist and Designer based in Athens, Greece.

“Creating art is where I feel at home. It is the space within which I can express myself, capture beautiful moments, and create meaning for myself and others. I sought out academics to further expand my knowledge on art and explore my skills as an artist, whilst completing a BA Honours degree in Photography at the Arts University of Bournemouth (2016).

Moments in time, thoughts, symbols, meanings, emotions, are the source of my creative thinking, the beginning of each of my works. I never predetermine the result. I create spontaneously, leaving the emotion free to take shape and the form to reveal meaning. I adapt to the desires and requirements of the form as long as it manifests itself, remaining open to the challenges that arise and the changes that are required.

My interest is focused on the positive elements of the human experience, the romance it hides, and the beauty contained in the complexity and depth that characterise it. Realism cannot be only negative since the reality of human experience is unequivocally optimistic. I approach the complexity and depth of this experience through a multifaceted style, with creations based on the composition of photography and painting, in the combination of different materials as well as artistic processing.

I want to participate in the creation and promotion of alternative proposals for the view of modern reality. Either through the prism of the creator or through the admirer of art, art has the ability to penetrate the way people think and influence opinions, proposing different interpretations of reality and different ways of seeking meaning.”


‘Community Auction’ 2020 exhibition, at The Breeder Gallery, and the ‘Athens Open Art’ 2020 exhibition, at Art.Number23 Gallery, in Athens.

‘Exit Velocity’ 2016 exhibition at FREE RANGE, at the Old Truman Brewery in London. For the FREE RANGE showcase her work was selected to be exhibited as the face of the showcase (along side 7 other artists).

‘Graduate Art Prize 2016’ sponsored by ARTIQ & Herbert Smith Freehills in London.