We are not in the world, we become with the world; we become by contemplating it. Everything is vision, becoming. We become universes. Becoming animal, plant, molecular, becoming zero.

Deleuze G. and Guattari F. What is Philosophy? London, Verso (1994, p.169)

In the near future after a disaster civilization has come to an end. A group of people seems to have survived on a deserted piece of land. In their effort to make sense of their surroundings and organize themselves, they are recording the landscape and the few species that can be found there. Or is someone else watching them? Could these recordings be from an unknown external source? Who could be using it and what for? Do they consist a threat? Is this all part of an experiment?

The post-apocalyptic setting of this series reflects on today’s world, the post-9/11 world of terrorism and crisis-es, a world witness to an era of doubt and collapse of former values and points of reference, of increasing disappointment and stagnation, and at the same time, a world also witness to the digital age and the overwhelming changes and yet unknown possibilities that follow it.