The works of Gerasimos Galiatsatos expose the frailties of human nature: whether struggling with grief or just sitting pensively, the subjects of these paintings are wrought with raw emotion. Galiatsatos does not shy away from the reality of life, but rather shows it in its entire beautiful and painful splendor.

“With my paintings, I want to create questions and concerns of a social, metaphysical or philosophical nature. I believe that the obligation of every artist is to have a cause as a starting point, one that will force him to transform the primary material forms and lines into a complete work of art. For this reason, my starting point comes usually from social structures, the fear of loss, death, vanity, concerns that we all have, posing at the same time a question: ‘Is reality always as we see it? Or as we want to see it?’.

The technique I use is dripping. Fluid, nervous lines of color that interfere with one another and create the illusion of shape or form. It’s a parallel drawn with modern lifestyle; fast, intense, stressful and confused, it’s nevertheless seductive and charming, because there is always a strong element of motion in it. Nerve, fast, violent color liquid lines, all suggest a hasty violent modern lifestyle, violent over time. The square shape of the canvas, suggests a square cold logic; what one might sometimes recall when he wants to justify situations that imprison him.”