This collection is a series of 78 paintings that refer to the centuries old history of the Tarot making and reading tradition and offer the entrance point to the unique world at Messinis Street, where the painter – Spyros Aggelopoulos – lives and works. From a historical point of view a Tarot deck symbolizes experiences that characterize the evolution of human life such as the importance of knowledge, the need for guidance, personal desires and dilemmas.

This deck depicts everyday life as something spectacular and curious, at times frightening but always deeply beloved through the creation of painterly symbols which unlock the thoughts and emotions of both the painter and the spectator: mental dominance over physical strength is symbolized by the closed eyes of a female figure; the lion resembles a beast that is about to practice a set of well-trained exercises in a wondering circus; the swallows, the rocky horizon, the sun and the moon, all contribute to the creation of a unique reality that the spectator is called upon decoding.

Text © Eirini Marouli