The masked collection by Suprematist consists of nine wooden decorative art objects, in the form of a mask, leaning on a metal base. Although they were designed without specific references, it was discovered through the outcome which elements of cultures have aesthetically influenced the artists to create a “new” mask.

Suprematist is a call to experimentation and fun. Suprematist is a challenge taken up by two friends, Pantelis Vitaliotis/Magneto and Spyros Drakos, with a shared philosophy about the value of aesthetics in everyday life and a common vision about the design of furniture and home objects. Drawing on their different professional backgrounds, they have turned their vision into reality. They believe in the significance of one`s rich life influences, which are filtered and decoded through the unconscious, before returning in the form of ideas and concepts that end up as concrete design items. Their creations are meant to be more than mere elegant everyday objects. These are small pieces of contemporary art.