While participating in the Occupy Atopos artist residency, The Dreamer redefines the UNLOCKED exhibition and its subject through his distinctive, colorful, pop style and transforms the Atopos cvc building into his personal dreamland. Using the aluminum offset printing plates of the UNLOCKED publication as his canvas, the Greek artist attempts to remold the premises of Atopos cvc with his unique artistic approach.

The UNLOCKED research began in 2013 and has focused mainly on the creation of the UNLOCKED book published in Athens in 2015 and on a program of exhibitions, lectures, workshops, performances and artist residencies. The whole project aims to “unlock” the depiction of the naked body in the post-photographic, digital era. The comprehensive, 512 page publication constitutes one of the first official recordings of a new visual language, which has emerged from contemporary digital platforms and other forms of social media. In the context of the UNLOCKED research, Atopos cvc launched the Occupy Atopos artist residency in October 2014. The resident artists ‘occupy’ the premises of Atopos cvc and present their work on the subject of the Naked Human Body using a variety of media, such as photography, drawing, video, painting, collage and installations. The Dreamer will be the sixth artist-in-residence after the participations of David Marinos, Clo’e Floirat, Kostis Fokas, Ren Hang and ΝAR in the programme.

The Dreamer, aka Sotiris Trechas, is a young, multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in Athens. He has created the Dreamer label that includes limited edition tees and objects and, as a photographer, he has collaborated with various international media and fashion brands. In 2013 he co-founded Neon Raum, a photographic studio – showroom for emerging designers, in the heart of Athens, while in autumn of 2015 he published his book – portfolio DREAM COLOR, which can be found in selected places such as the Reina Sofia Museum shop in Madrid and the MACBA shop in Barcelona.