These illustrations of Athens by Philippos Theodorides are moments of a city that is constantly changing and at the same time undeniably charming.

“I moved to Athens 12 years ago after completing my studies in London. I always wanted to live in a Mediterranean city.
Athens seems to have everything for me. The splendid food, the extravagant nightlife, the unique light in the morning and the sense that you can get lost in it and still feel comfortable. Its lack of scale gives you a different perspective about how you approach a city really. Sometimes the loss of orientation makes my journeys so interesting.

I either walk from Pagrati where I live and pass through the National Garden, or drive with my Vespa to Aiolou where I have my studio.

Everyday I see different faces and sometimes I invent stories about the people I meet.

My images are moments of a city that changes everyday, especially now with the financial uncertainty that challenges Europe, but manages to maintain its charm, through the will of its people and the persistence of its unique Attic light.”