Thanks to their strong sense of repetition and innate musicality, Philippos Theodorides paintings are directly related to rhythmicality. His painting is the result of an intense expressionism, where gesture and composition are guided by instinct and spontaneous creativity.

At the same time, in this painting we see elements of calculated thought, which are in dialogue with a modernist care for harmony, order and clarity. These two worlds are in constant negotiation within Philippos’ new works, just like the urban landscapes of modern Greece which have inspired him: images like an empty lot, an exposed lightwell, the way the sky is cropped in the void between apartment buildings become the starting point for a game of intensities and forms. This is something that runs throughout Philippos’ work since the beginning of his career.

In his paintings, the chaos of improvisation and the order of urbanity manage to coexist in a counterpoint of their own. Denser and bolder than previous bodies of work, the paintings at the exhibition constitute an expression of maturity and confidence, but without being complacent. Geometries, abstract volumes, wonderfully executed textures and sharp shapes (which could be fragments of street signs) create a condensed sensory continuum, where time, space and matter lose their hierarchy in order to be recomposed by the artist in the rhythm that feels right for him.

Philippos Theodorides is represented by Zoumboulakis Galleries and The Edit gallery.

Words: Kiriakos Spirou

Photography © Christos Simatos & Thanasis Gatos