“I was born and raised in Heraklion city, on the island of Crete in Greece. I studied Architecture in UTH and worked as an architect with two large practices in Athens for the first years of my career. In 2009, I decided to return to my hometown and continue working as a freelance architect there.

At the same time, I started a blog, My Paradissi, that I used as a creative outlet and an online gallery and journal of interior design ideas and projects. Through my blog, I connected with people from around the world that kept asking for decorating services and help. Thus my e-decorating service business begun and I was fortunate to take e-decor projects from all places, like the US, Switzerland, and Belgium, and help my clients with their homes.

Art has been a part of my life for as long as I remember, taking forms and shapes with different mediums and styles during my life stages. I kept my creations to myself for a long time until in 2019 I opened an Etsy shop to sell some of the pieces of my portfolio. Now, my works are sold in a selection of art shops around the world.

Studio Paradissi is the creative form of my artistic pursuit. My aim is to create contemporary art that is easily accessible to people who are not necessarily acquainted with galleries but still wish to include modern art in their homes.

My art is a result of a free play, with no agendas or purpose, a pursue of forms and textures, a channel to let my creative juices get out of my system and the one and the only way to keep my inner child happy and balanced. Some characteristics of my artwork are the rough and abstract lines, the unrefined and sketchy geometric forms, the strong contrast, and the simple and often neutral color palettes.”