Alexis Efstathopoulos is an archaeologist and photographer who uploads every Sunday on his Instagram account (alef79) one of his #sunday_visitors. “I chose this day in particular because on Sundays we used to visit my grandmother and her home belonged always to the ghosts from the past. On Sundays Athens is an empty city. And Sundays are always blue. But Sunday visitors can convert absence into presence. On Victorian stories ghosts are connected to the darkness of the night. But Athens belongs to the East and here the light is always present. My images are neither photos nor collage. They are like a game. Like playing hide and seek with ghosts at the daylight. I decided that the city would be colorful and the visitors black and white because colors resemble life, while death is black and white. The old photos I use sometimes mention the date they were taken or the name of the photographer. Sometimes you can find a short note. Old photos are memory containers; relics of a life that no longer exist.”