Inspired by the work of novelists such as Italo Calvino, Vladimir Nabokov, or even the journals of explorer and cartographer Richard Francis Burton, BoWo Studio create collages of a surreal urban and domestic reality, using mixed media and illustration.

“We are observers of the unexpected, the unexpected leads us.
We create paradox / weird / absurd images of contemporary culture.
Much of our inspiration comes from literature, science, mystery plays, films, geography and ephemera.”

Excursion 1
Invisible City no1033
An unreal cricket game (Cricketers Virginia Woolf,J.M. Barrie,Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Samuel Beckett).
Butterfly Lesson (Homage to Nabokov)
A day at the races
Chemist Phantasmagoria
Memory Winter (Homage to Bruegel)
The Neutral Ground
The passage