“Growing up in Athens, in its densely occupied urban environment, has been the most influential factor of my life. I believe it’s true what they say, you can learn enough for somebody from visiting the neighborhood he spent his childhood in. My work is somehow inspired by the social and political situations that have occurred the last decades in Greece.

What I like is to create a colorful and imaginary optimistic ‘world’, but this is just the outer layer. When the viewer approaches closer he often realizes my awareness of the significant problems of current times. My work has two purposes. What I aim is to comment on the dead-end lifestyle of humankind, the overconsumption of earth’s limited resources, the social inequality and the economic system failure; at the same time, what I try to do, is to inspire the real values of life, such as unity, peace and love.”

Born in 1982, b. lives and works in Athens as an architect and a street artist. His work has been presented internationally in numerous exhibitions, festivals and special commissions. In his studio “thisismybworld”, he works on a wide spectrum of projects, from architecture and illustration to design, while at the same time he travels and paints walls in cities all over the world.