Adam Martinakis is an artist who works and experiments using computer-generated visual media (3d digital image/rendering – animation, digital sculpture, digital video, new media). Through his art, he transforms his memories and feelings into complex worlds in 3d digital space, which stand out for their sculptural elements, strong forms and emotions. Martinakis is of Polish and Greek descent and shares his time between Poland, Greece and the UK. In the past, he has presented his work as part of various exhibitions in Denmark, Italy, Thailand, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, the UK and many more.

Statement of fragments >
/ Imagining art being a bridge, a connection between the spirit and the material,
the living and the absent, the personal and the universal.
/ Exploring the unknown light and darkness in a supplementary coexistence
that forms the event horizon of the creation.
/ Composing scenes of the nonexistence, the echo of the living void,
immersed in the metaphysics of perception.