The Museum of Illusions, after its international success in major cities abroad, has opened in Athens on the 15th of September, welcoming its first visitors to the heart of the historic center (Astigos 12). In a building with a total area of ​​more than 400m2, over 80 exhibits and visual games open the gates in an exciting world.

The museum was created by Sakis Tanimanidis and Miltos Kambouridis, making their first common step in the field of experiential entertainment.

The exhibits based on science, mathematics, biology and psychology, deceive and confuse the visitor’s confidence in his senses while at the same time amaze and educate him. The visitor changes his visual shape into the room with mirrors and frees himself in the room that abolishes the laws of gravity and size ratio, taking pictures at every possible stop.

Really impressive are the collection’s holograms where the visitor can look at closely at. Fun games teach about vision, perception, human brain and science, so it’s easier to understand why the eyes see things that the brain cannot perceive. The game room with exciting and educational games and puzzles is yet another surprise.

In this museum one can laugh, shout and take pictures and do everything that is not allowed in other museums. The Museum of Illusions is not static, but allows people to be creative and play. The Museum of Illusions in Athens is an ideal destination for new experiences and fun with friends and family. In addition, it is a special choice for hosting and organizing other events, corporate meetings or presentations.

The museum is open to the public every day from 10:00 to 22:00. The ticket price is € 9 for adults, € 6 for children, while family packages and tickets for the unemployed are also available.