Influenced by comics and graphic novels, Wild Drawing aka WD is a street artist who focuses mostly on mural projects, using a photorealistic technique and combining his East-West cultural background in a unique way, making his style truly recognizable. Born in Bali, Indonesia, WD started off as street artist in 2000 and from that time he spends most of his time to work in the streets, even though he never stopped working in his studio. He has carried out solo exhibitions, and participated in group shows or graffiti/street art festivals in Asia, Europe and the USA, while his work has been included in international books about Street Art. The last decade WD lives and works in Athens.

He combines roller brush with spray paint and his themes revolve around social phenomena, lifestyle, art or nature. What he loves about Street Art is the freedom of expression and the fact that he can share his thoughts, and communicate, with as many people as possible; with everyone who passes in front of one of his works or just comes across it on the web. Apart from these, through Street Art he has the chance to “speak” about the big issue of the reappropiation of Public Space. These facts, outweigh the ephemeral nature of the project. After all, if he was interested in making works that stand the test of time, he would do canvas paintings only.

Fall in rEVOLution, Greece 2013 ©Wild Drawing
Hall of Fate, Greece 2013 ©Wild Drawing
No land for the Poor, Greece 2015 ©Wild Drawing
Hope Dies Last, Greece 2015 ©Wild Drawing
Mother Nature, Greece 2013 ©Wild Drawing
The Last ar Lost from List, Greece 2014 ©Wild Drawing
NESTalgic, Bali 2014 ©Wild Drawing
No place like Home, Greece 2015 ©Wild Drawing
Owlself, Bali 2015 ©Wild Drawing
Summertime and the livin' is easy, Malta 2014 ©Wild Drawing
Hey, Ho Let's Go!, France 2015 ©Wild Drawing
My *melted Precious, Malta 2015 ©Wild Drawing
Capture, Greece 2013 ©Wild Drawing