Celia Kritharioti

The Celia Kritharioti House of Couture is synonymous with sophisticated elegance, designing perfection and intriguing glamour. Designer Celia Kritharioti is the innovative designer and owner of the oldest Greek fashion house, which was established in Athens in 1906. She has confidently brought the house’s glorious tradition into the 21st century. All creations are handmade, specially designed for each client: rare technique, the apotheosis of craftsmanship and creativity. Having taken measurements thoroughly and after two rehearsals, the best seamstresses sew, embroider and prepare each creation from the very beginning: every creation is unique, exclusive, “as if it hasn’t been touched by human hand”, Celia notes. Silk lace from Paris, taffeta, tulle, precious stones, the most talented seamstresses and the tradition of more than a century are essential to lifting off Celia’s talent. Celia Kritharioti, whose design brilliance distinguishes her globally, is one of the most famous fashion designers in Greece. Her talent, vision and aesthetics reflect on all her creations. Unique, graceful and feminine, women love to wear them as the handmade procedure highlights their true beauty.

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