Ioli Tripodakis Architects

Ioli A. Tripodakis is an architect – engineer based in Greece continuing the long architectural family legacy. Growing up in an architectural environment she fell in love with the atmosphere of the architectural office and her passion was ignited by her father’s handmade drawings. Her only decision to study architecture, after graduating from Doukas school with honors, would lead her to study architecture at the Polytechnic School of Crete, entering 3rd in her class. As an architectural student her Research Thesis entitled ‘’ European Square – Design Criteria’’, which aimed to highlight the significance of the urban square to the city and society, was graded the highest distinction. Her work has been shortlisted for ‘’Best First Building by a Young Architect’’ at the Greek Architecture Awards (2020). She is currently attending the MSc Light & Lighting at the Bartlett School – UCL (University College London) aiming solely to expand her toolkit and enrich her architectural skills. Studying in the beautiful and diverse landscape of Crete she developed her passion for mountaineering, which greatly influenced her as an architect, as in each of her projects she tries to harmonize the built with the natural environment.

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