“Bonvo” in haitian Creole means valuable and that mutual respect for handcrafted objects lays on the particular emphasis on timeless and highest quality, that Bonvo team brought together in 2016.

Founded by young Greek designer Maria Leonidopoulou, inspired by memories and everyday observations, Bonvo brand is built on the pure idea of combining effortless clean lines and understated luxury.

“From our London studio we created our very first collection· letting our greek roots translate into sleek silhouettes with a focus on the brand’s core value of minimalism. Crafted out of 925 sterling silver and 14ct solid gold, all our jewelry are made in house with precision, using a combination of new and older techniques, supported by the best local artisans to last in time.

ALMA collection finds its roots in the female nature and more specifically the basic principles of human existence• soul & body. Inspired by the female figure, the dynamic of diversity and asymmetry, each design of the collection was created with emphasis on wearability and interaction with human body.”