Freedom, harmony, Doric austerity. Characteristics of a collection that focuses on the modern woman, a woman that juggles between dynamism and her ethereal nature, who needs simplicity, comfort and purity regarding the silhouette of her clothing.

The new collection by Angelos Tsakiris is dedicated to women of the «now» who are enchanted by the «everlasting». This means the designer chooses not to flirt with eccentricity, but surrenders to timelessness, removing everything ephemeral from fashion.

For his new capsule collection, Angelos Tsakiris puts in order the disorder of light fabrics. Silk fabrics are tamed in his hands and take the form of masterful pleats, obeying to austerity. A strictness that is expressed in its most feminine version, since airy as they are by nature, silk fabrics gently embrace the female silhouette, dancing with her as she moves.

In the hues of “burnt” orange, black and electric blue, green and fern, mint and turquoise, Angelos Tsakiris’ silk pleated dresses with Mao collars and delicate drawstrings gain a permanent place in the women’s wardrobe. Exquisite details, tiny shimmering beads that discreetly adorn the hemline and “ground” the otherwise ethereal dress giving it a solid substance.

Evolving his other great love, textile processing, the designer is inspired by works of Cecil Touchon and comes to turn cotton raw materials into wearable works of art. Here, geometry lessons are applied to two minimal dresses in black and white and Touchon’s abstract typographic collages are transformed into fabric poetry.

Minimalism confronts airy exuberance in the last two pieces of the collection, titled “A sense of New”, with the non-ordinary striped deux pièces becoming the modern expression of the once-chosen classic choice and the backless black dress giving the clean lines a liberating feel. A sense of new!

Images © Spiros Kokkonis

Fashion: George Karapetis

Make up & Hair: Vivian Katsari

Set design: Anmaretto

Model: Gwen Lu / D Model Agency