The design of the AMMA Spring Summer 2015 collection is inspired by the contemporary notion of cross-cultural exchanges. Mental and physical travelling highlights the spirit of the fashion label as a whole, and is used as a compass in its design orientation. The contemporary element is intertwined with a minimalist design attitude, defined by abstraction and a mannered timelessness, in sharp contrast to the pseudo-modern notion of fast and expendable fashion that lacks any true meaning. This intended design attitude and personalized aesthetic is also reflected in the subdued design approach of the collection, welcoming initiated fashion customers to acknowledge it. The novelty element of the AMMA Spring Summer 2015 collection is based on a perception that advances the idea of the global state of culture, yet in uncluttered forms and less decorative elements.

AMMA draws its creative energy from the fact that the name means mother in the colloquial Indian language. The designers have chosen this name because they believe that it can serve as a rich source of inspiration within the concept of a ‘mother’ of creative ideas. So as the name suggests the brand is comprised by a fresh compilation of clothing ranges that are inspired by the global state of culture. One of the designer’s main aims is to encourage customers to buy responsibly and acknowledge the human endeavor of garment manufacturing.