Rastoni: noun, Greek. Definition: pleasant idleness, carefree relaxation. A word that can be used to describe how wonderful it can be to, for example, have a leisurely vacation, or to deeply enjoy a sweet rest during the hottest hours of a perfect summer day. Often associated with the Spanish “siesta” and the Italian “dolce far niente”. Rastoni is not just a concept. It is a state of mind and soul, totally worth diving into.

Crisp and highly breathable, incredibly smooth and perfectly imperfect with a signature effortlessly chic look. That is linen of the highest quality. Flowing and luxurious, slightly moving along with the blowing wind, while elegantly embracing every majestic curve. That is silk – cotton.

Vibrantly mirroring the crisp white of the Cycladic architecture, the sunset yellow, each shade of each drop of the Aegean blue, the blooming of the ever present bougainvilleas and the burgundy painted wood of an old fisherman’s chair. These are some of the colours.

Finest embroideries sourced by the great Greek heritage with a history of more than 100 years old, have been applied with respect to tradition. They could be identified according to their place of origin -Thrace, mainland Greece, the Aegean or Ionian islands. Although styles and designs were transferred either through commerce or marriage, particularly in the islands, strong regional patterns and techniques were preserved and loved – up to this day.

Prints inspired by the Greatness and Mystery of the majestic Minoan civilisation, in which women enjoyed the most dominant of roles. That predominance of goddesses lead us up to this summer with an essence of, almost divine, beauty and continuity.

Swimsuits and bikinis made to match with crochet dresses and cover ups.

Inspired by, designed, crafted and manufactured exclusively in Greece. Merged sharp architectural details with lifestyle, intended for the woman who deeply enjoys the pleasures of summer.

Images © Yiorgos Kordakis