In his Spring/Summer 2016 Womenswear Collection, Angelos Frentzos is inspired by the African continent and its cryptic fascination, to design tailored details, high waisted trousers and voluminous skirts. “Women have been the backbone of African societies for centuries. Their strength, their patience, their struggles and their fights have defined the spirit of the continent. The African Union, the continental union of 54 countries in Africa, has declared 2015 as the year of women’s empowerment, so this occasion gives an appropriate motivation for next summer’s collection. The forms, colors and prints of the collection are inspired by Africa, in an elevated way. Antique fabrics with traditional prints receive a darker treatment. Flowing fabrics create long hooded gowns. Bombers, coats and trousers are quilted and dyed in rust, the color of the African desert. And reworked denim is transformed to new, oversized and current silhouettes”. The designer has also created a collection of jewelry in silver and bronze, celebrating the colors and shapes of the African continent.