The Angelos Frentzos woman collection for Spring/Summer 2015 aims at reverting anything that can reduce the magnificent shape of the woman, as its every single item is a sumptuous celebration of the body. The jackets, the bombers, the t-shirts and the dresses are wisely enriched with silk fringes, in order to give to this very self-consciousness woman a new ideal of beauty. Every single group of fringes is placed as to give to all the movements of the body an idea of liquid elegance. Not invasive but without doubt unforgettable. The idea of the women as a magnificent scent that fill the rooms, the streets, the universe, a woman gentle but firm. And not afraid. That’s a common thing in the women of Frentzos. The grace is the most lethal weapon. And for that the designer has introduced, as the very strong item of this collection, a top that is inspired by the buckle of an ancient Greek vest. Frentzos has been fascinated by the idea of the buckle, that is used in general to keep something locked, transformed by his fruitful research in something that can make the body of the woman, more open, more free. Research and focus that the designer has taken even on the prints of this collection, inspired by the old Victorian Tapestry, reversed and destroyed.