Ancient Kallos, through the anniversary Capsule 1821 ‘‘Bouboulina’’ Collection, is inspired by the dynamic figure of the Greek heroine Bouboulina and in her face honors the feminine power and instinct.

This unique collection includes striped patterns  in white and blue shades, of the Greek flag, the flame red that refers to the struggles of the Greek revolution, the characteristic Greek blue of the Aegean and of course the pure white.

“Our inspiration for the design lines of this collection was the traditional costume of Bouboulina, with the characteristic white patch on the chest and the emphasis on the waist. Nevertheless, the male figures of the revolution were also an important source of inspiration for this collection. Everyone can easily distinguish the features of the Phareo with its deep red color and its characteristic black long tassel, the Foustanela given in its feminine version and the Fermeli with the traditional gold embroidery.

In this collection we introduce for the first time a ceramic vase, the Hellas Vase, in collaboration with Alexandra Manousakis. This is a work of art, entirely made in Crete. Its five blue stripes represent the five syllables of the Greek word Ε-ΛΕΥ-ΘΕ-ΡΙ-Α. The red color symbolizes the blood of the heroes of the revolution and the characteristic black tassel characterizes the tear.

Also, an exclusive jewelry collection was created in collaboration with jewelry designer Barbara Mitseli, who was also inspired by the dynamic figure of Bouboulina and the ships of her fleet, which she donated for the battles of her homeland.

For the first time we created leather goods such as the Mini Tagari, made by experienced Greek craftsmen and leathers from the tanneries of Crete, framed with handmade tassels.

Finally, our Mantila silk Scarf was made in Soufli and masterfully frames the anniversary T-Shirts of the collection.”

Images © Mara Lazaridou

Styling: Stefanos Malamas