When fine art meets jewellery, boundaries are redefined and shapes are transformed into miniature sculptures. Constantinos Papadoukas [CP Jewellery] introduces his new series CONVEX and starts a fresh conversation on the concept of jewellery.

From two dimensional design to the multi-faceted use, from Bauhaus and De Stijl to parametric architecture and the deconstruction of geometry. CONVEX is where eccentric polygons and scalene triangles meet with parallel lines to form a series of rings, pendants and rings in a complex of distinct miniature sculptures.

Surface engraving as well as the interweaving of positive and negative space stimulate the sense of touch and vision. The tactile surface along with the interaction of sizes and shapes is evident throughout the series underlining the distinctiveness of the receiver – wearer.

Silver 925 and gold plating is the primary medium of the CONVEX series, manipulated into jewellery through modern digital practices as well as traditional silversmithing techniques, resulting in high detail and delicate finish.

Art is what characterizes the life of Constantinos Papadoukas. The design experiments in this new series is a statement on the way a sculptor envisions creative jewellery.