The idea of pieces that can be worn from day to night and from city to city was the main inspiration for Dido Athens’ 2015 collection. Neutrality is once again in the core of the garments, only now it is highlighted by bigger volumes, longer lines and more defined silhouettes. Light hues coexist with darker colors and fabrics vary from fresh poplins, to cozy furs and from light cottons to heavier wools. Timeless coats, tops and trousers are reworked and the tranquility of the classic wardrobe gets a modern but everlasting spin.

Drawing inspiration from all forms of art and travel, dido athens’ collections are conceived and designed in Athens. A mélange of sophisticated textures, generous lines and clean shapes create a cosmos where oppositions build a simple and monochrome wardrobe for both men and women. Softness meets roughness and tranquility meets nonchalance in a universe where neutrality is key. A mix of historical references and emotions lead to the creation of pieces that offer a different perspective of self-expression.