Art Photographer Yiorgos Kordakis and designer Domnika Gregoriades (both Greek) have co-created the 2016 Look Book for Emporio Sirenuse in Positano Italy, featuring model Iliana Papageorgiou. Emporio Sirenuse is the fine boutique and Fashion Brand of Le Sirenuse hotel, which charms with its luxurious yet warm atmosphere while its rooms and terraces offer a dramatic view of the Amalfi coast, hanging 70 meters above the sea. The hotel opened in 1951 when the Neapolitan Sersale family decided to turn their summer home into a hotel and has been a destination for many jet-setters ever since.

Emporio Sirenuse is the hotel’s luxury boutique since 2013. It offers selected luxury pieces, mainly for ladies, and focuses on Carla Sersale’s resort collection, the famous “Le Sirenuse Positano”; a collection including bikinis & swimsuits, cotton caftans and silk dresses, linen shirts for men but also a line of hand embroidered cushions inspired by Asian tradition and a line of signature fragrances & beauty products.

The lookbook for Emporio Sirenuse was shot in the hotel premises, the pool, the bar (Franco’s), in Positano and in other villages and features the Greek top model Iliana Papageorgiou. It’s the a result of the excellent co-operation between Yiorgos and Domnika, who share common perspectives when it comes to aesthetics, while both are keeping a low-profile, despite their much awarded work. Yiorgos and Domnika have teamed-up again in the past, for the luxurious lifestyle Greek brand Zeus&Dione, creating their 2014 summer lookbook, also featuring Iliana Papageorgiou as a model. Another high-end brand for which Yiorgos and Domnika have worked as a duo is Valia Gabriel sandals (they created the brand’s website, the 2013 and 2014 Look Book).

When it comes to Emporio Sirenuse, Yiorgos and Domnika have managed to illustrate the essence of the brand in a very direct yet enchanting way presenting the distinct character of the fashion pieces along with the soul and life style of Positano in a very clean cut way. Just a look in Yorgos Kordakis’ art photography makes it clear why it was him that the Sersale family chose for this project; it must have been his crisp, clear, no-frills way of capturing life that characterizes his work, making a sharp identity statement.