The ‘Gradus’ AW15 collection of Maria Piana features jewelry defined by unique 3D sculpturing of refined sophistication and luxury. Its creations are sharp and architectural, blending Maira Piana’s experience with influences as disparate as industrial designers like Phillipe Starck, Fritz Lang’s ‘Metropolis’ and Bauhaus architecture. The Latin phrase Gradus ad Parnassum means “Steps to Parnassus”, often shortened to Gradus. The name Parnassus was used to denote the loftiest part of a mountain range in central Greece, a few miles north of Delphi. In Greek mythology Parnassus was the mountain dwelling of the gods. It was thought that the composers who climbed Parnassus could achieve perfect compositional techniques. The collection’s shapes escalate and flow tier by tier, showcasing a complexity in form ranging from delicate earrings and pendants to statement concept cuffs, neckpieces and Piana’s signature palm pieces.