Greek Archaic Kori is a premium clothing brand that highlights resortwear and its style signifies the sun, the light, the sea, the islands and the wind.

Greek Archaic Kori outfits consist mostly of caftans, evening dresses and tunics that are easy to wear and are the ultimate choice for holiday destinations. Founded in Greece and designed and produced in brand’s Athens Headquarters, each collection embodies an urban ease paired with comfort, sophistication, and versatility. Greek Archaic Kori is made for women all over the world, at any age, who appreciate simple lines as the styles can be worn from day to night. The brand was created with the goal of producing a high quality, yet an affordable and elegant line of clothing for the modern woman. Within just a few years, it has gained tremendous popularity in both Greece and abroad.

Greek Archaic Kori collections can be found in over 300 boutiques, department stores and resort boutiques worldwide, with the majority currently located in Europe.

Images © Thanasis Krikis

Production: 10AM artists management