Helios is the god and personification of the Sun, worshiped by the ancient Greeks.

Even today, the Sun is still a focus of adoration for its supernatural qualities. Stroking sun-rays have the transformative ability to heal, beautify and bring happiness to souls, and to paint bodies with a healthy bronze luminosity. The piercing brilliance of this glowing sphere gives life to colours and with its shimmering authority it rules the skies even on cloudy days. In fact, so commanding is the planet at the center of our solar system that this Zeus+Δione 2020 spring/summer collection, titled ‘Helios’, is dedicated to sun worship.

The overall colour palette is saturated with glowing beige hues as a way to reflect the collection back towards the beaming planet. Subtle sunny glimmers feature in design detailing such as prints, embroideries and accents also. As well as all the shades of ivory and gold, the colour palette features an array of richly warm tones. Zeus+Δione signature spathoto silk comes in coral pink and glowing orange. With embroidery inspired by traditional Cretan skirt decorations, linen and raw silk caftans in white and beige add brilliance to the colour world.

Images © Yiorgos Kaplanidis, thisisnotanotheragency.com

Styling: Isabelle Kountoure (homeagency.com)

Model: Ros Georgiou

Hair: Yannis Siskos